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At Vinyl flooring Online we have a range of British Nova Products which offer complete floor care solutions. If you require any assistants or advice on any of these products please contact our customers services team to receive the best advice either by email at e-mail jasmine@vinylflooringonline.co.uk or call us on 01623 625 810. we also have a Blog on our website which is updated regularly which will provide you with useful information.
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British Nova Starbrite Floor Stripper British Nova Novacare Floor Maintainer
British Nova Starbrite Polish Stripper
Our Price: £19.19 Inc VAT / 5L Tub
British Nova Novacare Floor Maintainer
Our Price: £19.44 Inc VAT / 5 Litre Tub
A concentrated and efficient low-foaming cleanser specifically designed to cut through and break up old emulsion polishes. Metallised emulsions require the use of ammonia to release them from the floor surface.  Its skilful formulation makes 'NOVA STARBRITE' work scientifically to remove even old metallised emulsion floor dressings - without giving off noxious ammonia fumes.  Used in dilution with hot or cold water, 'NOVA STARBRITE' speedily dissolves emulsion dressings. It penetrates layers of dirt and polish, breaking up and emulsifying the old film and leaving it ready for easy removal. ƒ 'NOVA STARBRITE' is highly efficient and is pleasant to use.
For use on vinyl, asbestos, thermoplastic, asphalt, sealed wood, sealed cork etc. and most types of linoleum and rubber.

5L Tub
For use as a mopping fluid on vinyl, vinyl asbestos, linoleum, thermoplastic, sealed wood, sealed cork, terrazzo and marble floors, etc.  Also for use for spray-cleaning. ƒ 'NOVACARE' is a mopping fluid with a protective residue.  Even the least skilled operator can restore the floor's appearance without leaving streak marks. 'NOVACARE' dries to a pleasing finish without machine buffing.  However, if burnished, the flexible residue will respond to give good recovery and a superb gloss. Simple and Effective  Use on top of  'NOVA LONG-LIFE', 'NOVASHIELD', 'NOVACRYL', NOVAGARD and other metallised floor dressings. Maintains a long-lasting  shine.  

5 Litre Tub