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Glue For Rubber Tiles Tape
All the glue you could need - Vinyl Flooring Online has the glue for the vinyl and the room, ie specific glues required for your wet room, luxury vinyl tiles and carpet tiles.  If you need any advise please e-mail or call 01623 625 810.
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Evo Stick Gripfill
Evo Stick Gripfill
Our Price: £5.99 Inc VAT / Cartridge


*Bonds almost any surface
*Excellent strength including vertical applications
*Suitable for interior and exterior use (provided bond is covered)
Wood, plywood, hardboard, chipboard, laminated plastic, brick, rigid insulation material (except polystyrene), metal, stone breeze  block, ceramics, concrete, sand/cement screeds, plasterborad, cement composite boards, G.R.P

Comes in 350ml Cartridge.  Coverage 12 metres of 6mm bead per 350ml cartridge
Carpet Spray Adhesive only £3.00 ex VAT delivered next day from Vinyl Flooring Online
CFS Spray Adhesive
Our Price: £6.00 Inc VAT / can

CFS Spray Adhesive for use with CFS Carpet Tiles.

Polyflor LVT Stripper
Polyflor LVT Stripper
Our Price: £6.24 Inc VAT /per pack

Suitable For LVT Stripper Camaro PUR, Colonia PUR, Bevel Line PUR, Expona Design PUR, Expona Commercial PUR Flooring, Standard Pack contains 1 Litre
FBall F3 1Kg
FBall F3 1 Litre
Our Price: £8.27 Inc VAT /Per Tub

StyccoBond F3 is a water based rubber/resin flooring adhesive that has excellent wet grab with an early build up of strength. It is protected against bio-degradation and is suitable for use over normal underfloor heating installations.

1 Litre tub as a coverage of 3 SQM
Polyflor LVT Maintainer
Polyflor LVT Maintainer - NO LONGER AVAILABLE
Our Price: £8.64 Inc VAT

Suitable for Camaro PUR, Colonia PUR, Bevel Line PUR, Expona Design PUR, Exponha Commercial PUR flooring, Standard pack contains 1 Litre
STYCCOBOND F44 (1 litre)
STYCCOBOND F44 (1 litre)
Our Price: £10.79 Inc VAT / 1L Tub

A solvent free acrylic emulsion adhesive which is designed to give a high bond strength, strong initial tack and a long open time. It is protected against biodegradation and is suitable for use over normal underfloor heating installations. To minimise the effect of adhesive shadowing through the vinyl floorcovering, the adhesive can be trowel applied and flattened with a paint roller. The 'double drop' technique can also be used to reduce the drying time.
Get Stuck In
Get Stuck In Spray-able Adhesive Aerosol
Our Price: £10.79 Inc VAT /Per Container

Get Stuck In adhesive is a multi purpose contact adhesive supplied in a 500ml aerosol can.

Clean - Every application is a fresh clean application. No product is wasted. The enclosed system prevents the product drying out, skinning over or becoming contaminated.

Non flammable adhesive - The only flammable component is the propellant. Once that has evaporated, a totally non flammable bond is achieved.

Health and safety - Easily disposable - contains low odour and no CFC's.

Storage - Can be stored for 12months when kept in the original unopened container.
Polyflor LVT Polish
Polyflor LVT Polish - NOT AVAILABLE
Our Price: £11.99 Inc VAT /per Pack

Polyflor LVT Polish is suitable for Camaro PUR, Colonia PUr, Bevel Line PUr, Expona Design PUr, Expona Commercial PUR flooring, Standard pack contains 1 Litre, coverage one coat = 60m2 per Litre
Aqua Bond Single Cartridge for Lawn Seaming
Aqua Bond Single Cartridge for Lawn Seaming
Our Price: £13.20 Inc VAT / 125ml cartridge

Aqua Bond adhesive is a single component moisture-curing adhesive supplied in a 125ml cartridge and designed for boding synthetic sports surface carpets to a variety of substrates or jointing tapes.  The adhesive is tolerant to use in damp and cold conditions, with the final bonds being fully resistant to climatic conditions.

Roll out the artificial grass in parallel strips so the edges are touching.  Bend the edges back and install the jointing tape between the rolls where the seam is folded.  Apply the aqua bond adhesive to the jointing tape.  FOld the edges back onto the jointing tape ensuring that the grass fibres do not touch the surface of the adhesive.  Press the seam firmly.

Coverage is 2/3 linear metres/cartridge.
Type A Cold Welding liquid 44gram Tube
Type A Cold Welding liquid 44gram Tube
Our Price: £14.39 Inc VAT /per tube

Type A Cold Welding Liquid 44gram tube covering 15 meters

Once the seam has been accurately cut, remembering that this type of welding should not be considered as gap filling, the seam can be welded.
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