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Vinyl Flooring Online have a range of high quality Screed products including latex, water and aggregate based screeds.  If you cannot see what you are looking for please e-mail, or call us on 01623 625 810.
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Stopgap Green Bag 25kg, available next day from Vinyl Flooring Online
Stopgap Green Bag 25kg
Our Price: £10.80 Inc VAT / bag

Absorbent and non-absorbent subfloors.

A fast setting, low odour, protein free floor smoothing underlayment. The cured product has a high strength making it suitable in areas subject to both light and heavy-duty traffic. The protein free composition makes it suitable for use in clinical and biologically sensitive areas. By thickening the mix it can be used to repair stairs and for ramping between floor levels.

Stopgap Green Bag Powder is suitable for patch filling wooden floors prior to overpinning.
Fball Stopgap Graded Aggregate 3mm
Fball Stopgap Graded Aggregate 3mm
Our Price: £11.99 Inc VAT / 25kg bag

Fball Stopgap Graded Aggregate 3mm
F Ball Stopgap 128 Liquid 5ltr
F Ball Stopgap 128 Liquid 5ltr
Our Price: £15.36 Inc VAT / 5 Litre bottle

Stopgap 128 - Liquid latex for mixing with self leveling powder (Ball Green Bag).

- Eliminates primer usage
- Designed to be used for most absorbent surfaces

Size: 5 litre bottle (one bottle for one 25kg bag)

Stopgap P121 Primer 5 Litre
Stopgap P121 Primer 5 Litre
Our Price: £16.67 Inc VAT / 5 Litre Tub

Stopgap P121 Primer, an acrylic primer designed to promote the adhesion of Stopgap Smoothing Underlayments over synthetic anhydrite screeds.
Tremco SX303 Latex Screed
Tremco SX303 Latex Screed
Our Price: £18.00 Inc VAT /Bag and Bottle

Tremco SX303 Latex Screed bag and bottle is a moisture tolerant, low odour cement based latex underlayment for use in doemstic, light commercial and industrial environments as an underlayment proir to application of carpets, linoleum and vinyl flooring
Tremco SX300
Tremco SX300 Unitex NA High Performance Latex Underlayment
Our Price: £19.20 Inc VAT /Per Bag & Bottle

Tremco SX300 (formerly Treadfast Unitex NA) is a two part general purpose smoothing underlayment for interior applications.
Stopgap 600 Base
Stopgap 600 Base
Our Price: £20.16 Inc VAT

A water mix, base compound designed for use where floor levels need to be raised quickly and economically. Suitable for pump application. Stopgap 600 is self-smoothing, dimensionally stable and fast drying, it should be capped with Stopgap 100, Stopgap 200, Stopgap 300 or Stopgap 800 smoothing underlayments.

Designed for application up to a maximum of 50mm and a minimum of 5mm, to provide a sound base. Typically 900m2 of Stopgap 600 at 5mm thickness can be pumped per day. Suitable for both absorbent and non-absorbent subfloors.
Stopgap Red Bag
Stopgap Red Bag
Our Price: £21.59 Inc VAT / 25kg bag

Stopgap Red Bag Powder Mixed with Water

A water mix self-smoothing underlayment. The powder is a protein free blend of sand, cement and organic polymers. When mixed it is designed to produce a smooth dense surface. Suitable for absorbent subfloors and in areas that are biologically sensitive.

Stopgap Red Bag is designed for areas subject to foot and light wheeled traffic and can be used over normal underfloor heating installations. Application can be to a maximum of 6mm unfilled and a minimum of 3mm and it can be smoothed to a feathered-edge. Suitable for filled mixes for greater thickness using Stopgap Graded Aggregate.

Bag size 25kg = 4.8 square metre coverage at 3mm
Ardex K11 Levelling and Smoothing Compound 22kg
Ardex K11 Levelling and Smoothing Compound 22kg
Our Price: £22.07 Inc VAT / 22kg Bag

Ardex K11 is a free flowing application levelling and smoothing compound designed for levelling and smoothing a wide range of subfloor types including cement/sand screeds, gypsum screeds and concrete.

Ardex K11 Levelling and Smoothing Screed - 22kg Bag
Bostik Screedmaster Ultimate Powder & Liquid Package
Bostik Screedmaster Ultimate Powder & Liquid Package
Our Price: £22.20 Inc VAT

For the levelling and smoothing of sound, uneven floors prior to laying decorative floor coverings.

Comes as a package of 20kg of power and 4.3 litres of liquid to be mixed together on application.
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