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At Vinyl Flooring Online we supply Tremco Commercial Sealants & Waterproofing is a supplier of sealant, weatherproofing solutions for commercial and residential construction and industrial applications.  If your require any assistance or advice on any of the Tremco products please contact our customer service team either by email at jasmine@vinylflooringonline.co.uk or Call us on 01623 625 810.
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Tremco SX303 Latex Screed Tremco SX500 Tremco SX302 Moisture Tolerant Latex Screed
Tremco SX303 Latex Screed
Our Price: £19.20 Inc VAT /Bag and Bottle
Tremco SX500 Rapid Drying Smoothing Compound
Our Price: £22.20 Inc VAT /Per Bag & Bottle
Tremco SX302 Moisture Tolerant Latex Screed
Our Price: £24.00 Inc VAT /per kit
Tremco SX303 Latex Screed bag and bottle is a moisture tolerant, low odour cement based latex underlayment for use in doemstic, light commercial and industrial environments as an underlayment proir to application of carpets, linoleum and vinyl flooring.
Tremco SX500 is a fast drying, smoothing compound for interior applications. BS EN13813:2002 This standard refers to the properties and performance of the product and the specification to which it has been tested. The data shown confirms the minimum compressive and flexural strengths that the product will achieve.
Tremco SX302 is a moisture tolerant cement based latex underlayment for use in domestic, light commercial and industrial environments as an underlayment, prior to application of carpet, wood and vinyl flooring.
Tremco SX300 Tremco SF115 (formerly Treadfast 115) Tremco SF110 (formerly Treadfast ST 110)
Tremco SX300 Unitex NA High Performance Latex Underlayment
Our Price: £31.20 Inc VAT /Per Bag & Bottle
Tremco SF115
Our Price: £45.00 Inc VAT / 5ltr Tub
Tremco SF110
Our Price: £55.20 Inc VAT / 15ltr tub
Tremco SX300 (formerly Treadfast Unitex NA) is a two part general purpose smoothing underlayment for interior applications. Tremco SF115 (formerly Treadfast 115) is a one part, modified elastomer contact adhesive for use with rubber and PVC.    


* Extra strong bond
* Extended working life
* Suitable for the widest range of floor coverings
* Fast drying but good 'open time'
* The dry bond does not support combustion

Covers up to 3 square meters of bonded area per litre.
5 Litre Unit
Tremco SF110 Carpet Adhesive

Tremco SF110 (formerly Treadfast ST 110) is a very low VOC, solvent free, water-based, synthetic latex (SBR) multi-purpose adhesive.  

* Very low VOC levels - tested to EC1 requirements
* Suitable for bonding a wide range of carpets and vinyl
* Water-based, solvent-free
* Non-flammable
* Clean to use, non-staining

Tremco SF110 Carpet Adhesive is suitable for hessian, ActionBac®, felt, rubber gel, & latex backed carpets, non-plasticized vinyl floor coverings & cushioned vinyl.

15 L Tub
Tremco SF105 (formerly Treadfast 105) Tremco SF200 (formerly Treadfast Trem-Tack) Tremco SF520 (formerly Treadfast 5020 AT)
Tremco SF105
Our Price: £70.80 Inc VAT / 15L Tub
Tremco SF200
Our Price: £90.00 Inc VAT / 10L Tub
Tremco SF520 - DO NOT STOCK
Our Price: £96.00 Inc VAT / 10L Tub
Tremco SF105 Acrylic Floor Covering Adhesive

Tremco SF105 (formerly Treadfast 105) is a thixotropic waterborne floor covering adhesive.

Suitable for Bonding all vinyl floor coverings, including highly plasticised types, pvc backed carpets.  Excellent 'grab' characteristics, High achievable coverage rates.

Coverage: 3 - 4square meters/kg

15L Unit
Tremco SF200 (formerly Treadfast Trem-Tack) is a single component, white waterborne liquid adhesive, which dries to a clear, permanently tacky film.    

* Solvent free, non-flammable and low toxicity
* Permanently tacky
* Quick release
* Can be used on impervious surfaces
* Suitable for metal access flooring

Tremco SF200 Carpet Tile Tackifier has a multitude of uses, but has been specifically developed for use on: release bonding of Hexphalte/Bitumen backed carpet tilessome grades of PVC backed carpet tiles and thermoplastic hot melt backed tiles underfelts.

Coverage 7 to 9 m²/litre.
10 Litre Unit
Tremco SF520 Flexible Wood Adhesive

Tremco SF520 (formerly Treadfast 5020 AT) is a high strength, flexible, single component advanced polymer adhesive for surface bonding most wood flooring.

* Strong and flexible
* Bonds most types of wood flooring
*Usable over most common substrates
*Compatible with most underfloor heating systems

Tremco SF520 is designed for bonding most types of wood flooring including wood blocks, wood mosaic panels, engineered, laminated and solid wood plank/strip flooring.
Use over most common substrates, sand/cement screeds, concrete, calcium sulphate screeds, stone, metal, timber and epoxy membranes.
Not suitable for wood flooring with bitumen based backings. For other surfaces please consult Technical Services for suitability.
Compatible with most underfloor heating systems. Consult Technical Services for confirmation.

Coverage, using a B3 or a 3mm x 6mm 'V' or a notched trowel coverage approx 0.8 - 1.1kg/square meter

10 Litre Tub
Tremco SF108 (formerly Treadfast 108) Tremco ES300 Surface
Tremco SF108
Our Price: £114.00 Inc VAT / 15ltr tub
Tremco ES300 Surface
Our Price: £186.00 Inc VAT /per tub
Tremco SF108 Pressure Sensitive Acrylic Adhesive

Tremco SF108 (formerly Treadfast 108) is a pressure sensitive adhesive for vinyl floor and wall coverings and for most rubber floor coverings.
*Guaranteed no serration marks
*Can be applied direct to clean impervious surfaces
*Solvent free, low toxicity and non-flammable
*Thermo-welding same day with dry bond method
*Cleaner and safer than traditional rubber adhesives
* dry bonding option for PVC floor coverings direct to Tremco damp proof membranes.

Tremco SF108 Pressure Sensitive Acrylic Adhesive is used for:
bonding PVC floor, wall and ceiling coverings
single stick bonding of rubber flooring, tiles and sheet to porous surfaces.

Amazing coverage of over 100 square meters per 15L unit.

15L Unit
Tremco ES300 (formerly Treadfast ES 3000) is a two part epoxy moisture vapour suppressant and surface damp proof membrane. Coverage approx 40m2