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With three generations of Vinyl Flooring fitters in our team we know a lot about how to make your flooring look amazing. Vinyl Flooring Online Limited was founded by a professional fitter who was taught his trade by his father who still knows how to lay a great floor! His partner is a Lean Six Sigma Business Process & Cloud Computing Specialist and leads operations side of the business.

This combination supported by a customer focused distribution team who understand the importance of great customer service.

The product portfolio has grown since the start of the shop back in 2010 and Vinyl Flooring Online Carries over 500 flooring products which is being added to every day. If you cannot see what you are looking for please give us a call.

So what do we sell?

Vinyl Flooring from the leading manufacturers who lead the market in research and development of flooring giving the new PUR and safety technologies required for use in today's hospitals, labs, care homes and the domestic market. The manufacturers products we sell include Polyflor, Altro, Tarkett, Gerflor, Contesse and leading accessories brands Gradus, FBall and Laybond. And recent additions Forbo and Quantum Flooring.

Vinyl Flooring has come a long way! It comes in all sorts of colours, designs and effects - sheet vinyl as well as vinyl planks and vinyl tiles. This means vinyl flooring can be installed in many different rooms and applications i.e. bathrooms where slip resistance is important, retail where the design is as important as the hard wearing and easy to maintain properties, wet areas, schools, hospitals, dentist surgeries, your lounge and hall.

At Vinyl Flooring Online we have tried to help by including an area on the site showing vinyl flooring by room type to show the correct product for your flooring requirements. Do not forget you also need the correct vinyl glues and accessories and we can advise you on that too.

Carpet Tiles, offer many interesting advantages over traditional carpet both in design flexibility and functionality and our ranges have many highlights;- carpet tiles are fast to install, light to transport, flexible to lay on top of laminate, vinyl and concrete with no need for underlay, easy to fit into awkward shaped rooms, fast to clean, and if a tile is damaged you can simply replace the tile rather than the whole floor. Carpet tiles from Vinyl Flooring online offer a hard wearing choice for use on heavy foot fall areas such as corridoors, offices and stairs.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles, Vinyl flooring does not just come in sheets it also comes in planks and tiles in the wood, stone and tile effect designs to meet the modern requirement for public spaces as well as our homes. Vinyl flooring online sell vinyl tiles from manufactures Polyflor and Tarkett. Free samples are available on request.

Rubber Flooring, Vinyl Flooring Online sell rubber flooring in both sheet and tile format. It not only looks great but is easy to maintain and is used in many applications including gyms, restaurants and bars and the home.
Two of our newest end easy to install products are Click Plank and Easy Grip - these are for the domestic market and give you the ability to install a new flooring over an existing layed floor quickly and with no messy and costly preparations.

And of course you can buy everything you need for your vinyl flooring from us, including capping and cove, weldrods, glues, screeds, dpms and flooring tools. If you cannot see what you are looking for or need advise on any product please either call our friendly team on 01623 625 810 or e-mail and someone will get straight back to you.

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About Us

Vinyl Flooring Online- where customer service is our main priority

Vinyl Flooring Online supply all the leading brands including Altro, Tarkett, Polyflor, Gerflor, Ardex, Bordz, British Nova, CFS, Condor, Contesse, Fball, Gradus, Laminate, Laybond, Mapei, Quantum, Uzin, Tremco and Forbo at a competitive price, we sell by the square metre enabling you to buy the right amount for your room, however big or small the job.

Vinyl Flooring is a great versatile flooring choice, it is easy to maintain and clean, we provide free of charge maintenance guides on all our products. Our suppliers provide the commercial products you see in hospitals, hotels, restaurants, gyms and your work place.. but are now available for you to buy at home, cover all areas such as Garage, Wet rooms and gardens.

So what flooring to choose....the colour choice is enormous for traditional to modern and contemporary flooring styles. Wood and Stone effect flooring for living spaces to safety flooring for bathrooms and even carpet tiles a great alternative for your home office.

We don't just sell Vinyl Floor Coverings... we also sell Carpet Tiles, Carpet, Vinyl Underlay, Linoleum, Artificial Grass and all the accessories you need.... from glues for luxury vinyl tiles, wet rooms, screeds and the capping and coving, any advice or if you cannot find what you are looking for please e-mail us at

Vinyl Flooring for the Home,

Vinyl Flooring for Commercial areas

Carpet Tiles

Carpet Tiles offer many interesting advantages over traditional broadloom carpet both in design flexibility and functionality and our ranges have many highlights. Fast to install, light to transport, flexible to lay on top of laminate, vinyl and concrete with no need for underlay, easy to fit into awkward shaped rooms, fast to clean, and if a tile is damaged you can simply replace the tile rather than the whole floor. They are ideal for temporary situations and are able to be fitted into small areas, and finally there is no need to have to empty a complete room to install them.

Broadloom commercial Carpet tiles suits many locations and environments in the working world including Commercial buildings, Offices, Healthcare, Education, Hospitality and Government locations. A broadloom carpet is woven on a wide loom and carry’s distinct and obvious advantages as they are used to create ‘Area’ carpeting in large rooms whilst keeping seams and joints to a minimum. Broadloom carpet can be pile woven or loop woven, and it can integrate a wide variety of colours. The backing of a broadloom carpet is extremely durable, so that the carpet can withstand day to day hard use. Some of our synthetic broadlooms are designed to be fire resistant to meet regional building regulations.


Noppe Stud Tile flooring is suitable for very heavy commercial use in areas of high public circulation such as shopping malls, train stations, airports, department stores, hospitals, educational establishments, and other public buildings.

Gym rubber flooring would be ideal choice for a busy gym because it has Prolonged exposure to oil, grease and fats which causes deterioration.

Saarfloor-Systems Noppe Stud rubber floor Tile is suitable for areas where spillage is infrequent, but not garage workshops or food preparation areas. It is not recommended for exterior use or swimming pool surrounds.


Linoleum is an ideal choice for a wide range of uses wherever there's need for a solution that combines natural quality with resistance to heavy traffic, from education to healthcare. Modern linoleum can satisfy the most demanding requirements for appearance, function, cost and sustainability. We sell both Tarkett Linoleum and Forbo Linoleum brands.

Artificial Grass

Condor Artificial Grass also known as artificial turf or astroturf is a permanent, safe alternative to natural grass. Artificial grass has many benefits including low maintenance costs also water restrictions are in place or a pet enclosure that can be cleaned.

VFO Cushion Vinyl

Vinyl Flooring Online also have a cheaper option VFO Cushion Vinyl, a hygienic, hard wearing anti-allergic easy to clean cushion vinyl. It is quiet underfoot and has a R10 slip resistance rating. There is a wide range of option in this brand VFO Stone Effect, VFO Wood Effect, VFO Classic and VFO Design, all are cushion vinyl's.


Vinyl Flooring Online aim to provide all the tools and accessories you need to install your new flooring. Including glues, contact adhesives, trowels, skirting, tape, screedmaster and much more

Free Sample Service

Vinyl Flooring Online offer a free sample service, To keep this service free we are able to send you any 3 sample cards for any of the products in our range. Simply tell us the products you are interested in on the sample request page and tell us where to send them and they will be sent out to you same day.

Carpet Trouble Shooter

COLOUR MATCHING - Carpets are produced in batches, known as creels, and usually each batch produces between 500 Sqm - 3000 Sqm in a single width, depending on the creel size. Whilst the recipe used by the dyer remains constant, and is followed to the letter, in each separate production the colour reproduction will vary from batch to batch. However production is matched back to the original or master sample to ensure that the colour remains 'within a commercial tolerance'.

This process is not an exact science and a commercial tolerance is subjective, but nevertheless is usually the professional judgement of the head dyer based on his/her experience.

A greater level of tolerance is required on blended colours (heathers etc). To ensure perfect colour matching it is advisable that a single width be used in any installation requiring exact colour matching.

SAMPLES - All carpet & flooring samples held by individual retailers may not be from the same batch as current production and therefore should be used as a guide and not an exact colour match.

SHEDDING - All cut pile carpets will lose short fibre, which is created during production when spun yarn is cut for tuft formation. These fibres fall onto the surface of the pile and appear as 'fluff'.

The effect varies with yarn type and may be removed without detrimental effect upon the carpet by vacuum cleaning. This excess fibre is only a small fraction of the total fibre contained in the carpet.

PULLED LOOPS - Pulled loops occur only in looped pile carpet where one or more loops in the continuous pile is pulled through the primary backing of the carpet. This is usually due to some local condition, possibly some sharp object which has caught in a loop in situ and has resulted in a pull. Pulled loops are easily dealt with by trimming the offending end level with the rest of the pile. They should NOT be lest as this could result in further loops being pulled and developing into a ladder.

SPROUTING - Occasionally an odd tuft or two can work its way to the surface and stand proud of the rest of the pile. This is probably due to one end of the tuft being longer than the other i.e J shaped tuft instead of V shaped. Remedial action merely requires that the offending tufts be scissor trimmed level with the rest of the pile. They should never be pulled out.

SHADING - Shading occurs because the pile of the carpet has become crushed, flattened or brushed in a different direction to the natural lie of the pile whilst in situ. This causes light reflection at differing angles resulting in the creation of light and dark patched on the carpet. This will occur on all pile fabrics but can be more noticeable on plainer carpets because the shadows created by pile pressure will not be disguised by a heavy pattern or design.

STATIC - Carpets do not produce static but like other household fabrics and objects have the capacity to store it. Static is caused by the build up of static electricity upon personnel in a dry environment and is discharged when a person makes contact with an object which can conduct electricity (i.e door handle or filing cabinets etc).

The static charges will carry in intensity depending upon the individual, air humidity and the contract materials. Static is more usually associated with synthetic materials as they do not retain moisture very well but it can and does occur with wools in very dry room conditions.

Preventative measures include the introduction of moisture into the room or in situ carpet treatment.

FADING ON WOOL - Carpets made from wool can and do fade in use. The degree of fade can vary depending on the colours chosen and the local conditions to which the carpet is subjected.

Fading can be caused by exposure to ultra violet light which is found in daylight, but is accelerated when sunlight shines directly onto the carpet. This has the effect of lightening or 'bleaching' the colour just as exposure to sunlight will lighten human hair. Wool is after all animal hair.

Protection should be given to carpets exposed to such conditions just as you would protect other furniture or fabrics.

A complaint on fading would be considered justified if it failed to meet the required shade standard when tested to the British Standard BS1006 (1990).

PILE REVERSAL (see shading) - Like shading, this occurs when the pie or nap of the carpet changed direction and thus reflects light at different angles showing the effects of shading which can become permanent. It is also described as 'watermarking'. This can happen to every carpet construction and like shading it can be more apparent on plain carpet. It can occur quite quickly after installation. A tremendous amount of research has been carried out over many years by many institutes to determine the cause of this phenomenon but none of it has proved conclusive. There is no commonly known manufacturing process which can cause or cure this phenomenon and therefore it is not a manufacturing fault.

FLATTENING - Flattening will occur as a result of traffic which eventually flattens the pile particularly in the main areas of use. All pile fabrics will flatten to greater or lesser degree dependant on the amount of traffic to which it is subjected and the construction (tuft, density/ pile, fibre / height/ weight) of the product concerned.

INDENTATIONS - When carpet is subjected to a heavy point load, such as under the legs of furniture, it is unreasonable not to expect the carpet not to indent. Usually, the longer the load is in place, the longer the pile will take to recover. In the case of very heavy loads in place for a considerable time, the recovery time can be very considerable.

It must be remembered that it is not only the pile of the carpet that becomes indented, the underlay will also indent and the backing of the carpet may also distort into the indentation in the underlay. Some underlays will recover well and some less well depending upon their composition, thickness, density etc.

The use of cups below furniture legs can spread the loads and the net result is a larger area of less deeply indented carpet.

The ability of a carpet to recover from a heavy static load can be measured in the laboratory, using the test method described in BS 4939 and many manufacturers will have data on this aspect of carpet performance. In this test the carpet is loaded for 24 hours and the degree of recovery is measured after 1 hour and 24 hours. Since there are so many different underlay's however, it is very rare for the recovery from a heavy static load to be evaluated on carpet underlay.

Often normal maintenance (vacuum cleaning with a rotating brush machine) will speed up recovery but in the case of serious indentation the use of an iron and damp cloth or steam iron together with a blunt darning needle to carefully tease up the pile can be beneficial. Care must be taken not to over wet the carpet of course.

SOILING - Soiling is usually the result of some local condition to which the carpet has been subjected to, or maintenance, or lack of maintenance programme. There is nothing we can do to prevent soiling in use. There are several types of soiling which are quite common:

Spillages - Liquids such as soft drinks, cordials or any drink which contains sugar particularly hot drinks, are likely to leave a stain. In such instances, professional help should be sought.

Shampoo - If incorrectly applied, can leave sticky soap residues in the fibres which can result in soiling reappearing quite rapidly.

Dust - Which is carried on draughts can soil carpets in various ways, apart from the obvious soiled edges, at gaping skirting boards for instance, dark lines appearing on surface might suggest airbornes dust-vacuum-drawn through poorly fitted floorboards. Sometimes the shape of floorboards can be seen quite clearly. Airborne dust sometimes shows itself as spots on the carpet, this is due to the air carried on the draught under the carpet escaping through minute holes both in the underlay and the carpet leaving dust deposited on the pile much like a filter action. In such installations, the use of a lining paper is essential as a preventative measure.

It is the responsibility of the retailer to advise the consumer when the carpet is measured of any poorly fitting doors, skirtings or floorboards and the consumers responsibility to ensure any remedial work to seal draughts, is carried out before the carpet is fitted, if a resulting complaint is to be avoided.