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Vinyl Flooring Online Limited has a full range of Tarkett vinyl flooring solutions to meet your needs. Tarkett Cushion vinyl flooring in wood, stone, tile and bright colour effects as well as the contract safety and great price sheet flooring.

Of course... we also have all the matching weld rods and accessories.

Free samples and next day delivery if product is in stock. Any questions please contact our friendly team on 01623 625 810 or email jasmine@vinylflooringonline.co.uk

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Tarkett Safetred Universal Tarkett Vylon Plus Tarkett Topaz Wood
Tarkett Safetred Universal
Our Price: £13.79 Inc VAT Per Square Metre
Tarkett Vylon Plus Sheet
Our Price: £14.83 Inc VAT Per Square Metre
Tarkett Topaz Wood
Our Price: £16.56 Inc VAT Per Square Metre
Safetred Universal is a classic safety floor solution for any area that presents a risk of slips or falls.The anti-slip grip provides a high level of protection and the reinforced surface protects against stains and eases maintenance.

Areas of use: Hospitals, Retirement & Care Homes, Kitchens, Restaurants,Classrooms and Shops.
Tarkett Vylon Plus sheet vinyl is a multipurpose homogeneous vinyl floor and excellent value for money.

Ideal for both domestic and high traffic commercial areas such as schools, shops and health care facilities.

Topaz Wood is a compact heterogeneous vinyl flooring developed to provide durable and comfortable surfaces for living and communal areas in hospitals, retirement homes and schools Available in 2, 3 and 4 m widths, Topaz offers a coordinated collection and homely wood and mineral colours and effects, designed to create comfortable and relaxing interiors.

Tarkett Contract Plus Tarkett Safetred Natural Tarkett Safetred Wood
Tarkett Contract Plus
Our Price: £17.99 Inc VAT Per Square Metre
Tarkett Safetred Natural
Our Price: £18.47 Inc VAT Per Square Metre
Tarkett Safetred Wood
Our Price: £19.07 Inc VAT Per Square Metre
The Contract Plus range presents a totally unique, non-linear design image for homogeneous floorcoverings in this price segment. When the budget is limited but an elegant and exciting design expression is still required, Contract Plus offers a refreshing new alternative.

Contract Plus is recommended for commercial use especially in healthcare, aged care, education and social housing premises.
Considered the 'Designers Choice', the Safetred Natural Collection is the ultimate safety floor thanks to its beauty and functionality. With a fully sustainable R10 slip resistance rating, it uses phthalate free technology contributing to better air quality, with VOC emmissions 10 x below European Standards.

With its Safety Clean XP PUR reinforced surface for improved stain resistance, it is the perfect product for protection against slips, trips and falls.
With the new & Improved Safetred Wood there is no compromise between functionality and design. This new collection is the perfect answer for areas where both safety and aesthetics are needed.

Ideal for use in offices, shops and other commercial areas.

Tarkett Granit Safe.T Tarkett Granit iQ Tarkett Granit Multisafe
Tarkett Granit Safe.T
Our Price: £20.39 Inc VAT Per Square Metre
Tarkett Granit iQ
Our Price: £20.75 Inc VAT Per Square Metre
Tarkett Granit Multisafe
Our Price: £21.83 Inc VAT Per Square Metre
Granit Safe.T is a durable flooring solution for heavy traffic wet areas where safety is very important. It provides grip for bare feet and reduces the risk of slipping, even when covered with soap and water. It has a Safety Clean XP surface treatment that protects it from stains and eases maintenance. Phthalate free and ideal for high-traffic areas, iQ Granit is found in healthcare and education facilities across the UK.

Renowned for having the best life-cycle costs on the market, iQ Granit boasts high performance and technical capabilities such as extreme durability, as well as superior wear, stain and abrasion resistance. With no need for wax or polish ever, simple dry-buffing is all you need to restore this floors original appearance.

Granit Multisafe is an extremely durable safety floor that helps prevent the risk of slipping.

Ideal for schools, hospitals and other heavy traffic wet areas such as public bathrooms and shower rooms. This flooring has a studded anti-slip grip that provides a high level of protection for bare feet, even when the floor is covered in water.
Safetred Ion Contrast Tarket IQ Optima Tarkett iQ Megalit
Safetred Ion Contrast
Our Price: £22.79 Inc VAT Per Square Metre
Tarkett IQ Optima
Our Price: £27.35 Inc VAT Per Square Metre
Tarkett iQ Megalit
Our Price: £29.99 Inc VAT Per Square Metre
Tarkett Safetred Ion Contrast provides particle-enhanced slip resistance in a speckled design.

Suitable for use in schools, corridors, shops and leisure areas.
Optima is an iQ flooring from Tarkett, with more advantages than can be seen with the naked eye. For top performance in every function that a floor has to provide, Tarkett's range of homogenous high quality flooring is really outstanding. These floorings are called iQ - intelligent quality. Not only for quality and performance but also the best life cycle cost. iQ means the absolute minimum of heavy, wet cleaning. No polish or wax is ever needed - just dry buffing (following Tarkett's cleaning system). As a major innovator in the flooring industry we are proud to present iQ Megalit, a totally new look in homogeneous vinyl flooring based on unique technology. The extraordinary pattern depth with mother-of-pearl effect and contrasting parts in balance give iQ Megalit the liveliness of a natural material and a strong personality that everyone wants to be around.
Linoleum Tarkett Linoleum Etrusco xf Tarkett iQ Eminent
Tarkett Linoleum Veneto xf 2.5mm
Our Price: £31.19 Inc VAT / m2
Tarkett Linoleum Etrusco xf
Our Price: £35.15 Inc VAT /Per sqm
Tarkett iQ Eminent
Our Price: £35.82 Inc VAT Per Square Metre
Please be aware that there is a minimum order on this product of 5 sqm.

Tarkett Linoleum Veneto xf - with its marbled design, divided into Soft and Strong pattern levels, and 50 colour references, Veneto xf is a great choice for all commercial segments. Lineleum xf is exactly what linoleum needed - a tough surface to protect and enhance a natural, renewable and beautiful product. It is a true surface revolution, with surface protection that gives superior resistance to abrasion and chemicals as well as easy cleaning and maintenance. It is accompanied by Linoleum xf welding rods that need no special treatment, yet resist all kinds of soiling and abrasion. Advantages: * extremely tough surface * excellent resistance to abrasion, stains and chemicals * no initial wax or polish needed * Linoleum xf welding rods based on a unique formula - for perfect joints with extreme scratch resistance * easy cleaning and maintenance
Tarkett Linoleum Ethrusco xf have a range of Deep plain design 10 bright and strong colours. Easily combinable with any other type of pattern or used alone for great design effect Superior xf protection for extreme toughness
Easy cleaning and maintenance - no initial wax or polish need
iQ Eminent is one of our most popular floorings. It combines outstanding functional properties with a range of exciting designs. This includes a non-directional pattern, a 3D effect created by the addition of pearlescent chips, and an expanded range of fashionable colours in 26 different shades. iQ Eminent's three accent colours make this a perfect multi-solution flooring. You can mix and match across areas and functions while maintaining a constant visual theme and coherence.
Tarkett iQ Natural Tarkett Linoleum Allegro xf Weld Rod Tarkett Safetred Spectrum Tiles
Tarkett iQ Natural
Our Price: £38.40 Inc VAT Per Square Metre
Tarkett Linoleum Allegro xf Weld Rod
Our Price: £54.00 Inc VAT Per Coil
Tarkett Safetred Spectrum Tiles
Our Price: £61.20 Inc VAT Per Box
iQ Natural next generation is the world's first floor with bio-attributed vinyl that replaces traditional fossil oil with renewable biomass feedstock - produced using mass balance principles and certified by third-party auditors

iQ Natural is a heavy duty vinyl suitable for use in health and aged care, education, hospitality, leisure and industry.

Weld Rod for Tarkett Linoleum Allegro xf Safetred Spectrum is a heavy traffic vinyl flooring ideal for applications where both slip resistance, attractive design and ease of maintenance are key considerations. There are 9 colors available as Safetred Spectrum Tiles.

Tiles are 50cm by 50cm. 16 tiles per box. (4m2).
Tarkett Vylon Plus 300mm x 300mm Tile
Tarkett Vylon Plus 300mm x 300mm Tiles
Our Price: £63.60 Inc VAT Per Box
Vylon Plus is a homogeneous vinyl floor covering suitable for use in commercial areas.
Vylon Plus is recommended for use in areas such as schools, shops, healthcare facilities, social housing and other similar areas.

Tile Thickness - 2mm.