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Evo Stick Gripfill
Evo Stick Gripfill
Our Price: £5.99 Inc VAT / Cartridge


*Bonds almost any surface
*Excellent strength including vertical applications
*Suitable for interior and exterior use (provided bond is covered)
Wood, plywood, hardboard, chipboard, laminated plastic, brick, rigid insulation material (except polystyrene), metal, stone breeze  block, ceramics, concrete, sand/cement screeds, plasterborad, cement composite boards, G.R.P

Comes in 350ml Cartridge.  Coverage 12 metres of 6mm bead per 350ml cartridge
Quantum EC5 Sit On Skirting
Quantum Sit On Skirting EC5 Q100 SO
Our Price: £5.99 Inc VAT Per 2m Length

Quantum EC5 installed on top of the floor covering, this range of products offers another option when addressing the join between the wall and the floor.   Available in a number of different sizes and colours, the range offers a solution to most flooring areas.  Generally sit on skirtings are used with hard floor coverings.  Typical applications areas include schools, colleges and public buildings.

Accessory or Trim Sit-on Skirting
Fitting Type Standard
Height (mm) 100
Width (mm) 19
Gradus Sit In Skirting SI 100 50 2
Gradus Set In Skirting SI 100 50 2
Our Price: £10.08 Inc VAT / 2m Strip

SI100502.5 is a flexible pvc, 100 mm high, set-in skirting, ideal for use with resilient floor coverings in critical clean areas where a homogeneous finish is required e.g. hospital treatment areas. Provides an impervious seal when welded to the floor covering.

Suitable for hot and cold welding.

Get Stuck In
Get Stuck In Spray-able Adhesive Aerosol
Our Price: £10.79 Inc VAT /Per Container

Get Stuck In adhesive is a multi purpose contact adhesive supplied in a 500ml aerosol can.

Clean - Every application is a fresh clean application. No product is wasted. The enclosed system prevents the product drying out, skinning over or becoming contaminated.

Non flammable adhesive - The only flammable component is the propellant. Once that has evaporated, a totally non flammable bond is achieved.

Health and safety - Easily disposable - contains low odour and no CFC's.

Storage - Can be stored for 12months when kept in the original unopened container.
Stycco Flex 290ml
Stycco Flex 290ml
Our Price: £11.40 Inc VAT

STYCCO FLEX is a rapid curing flexible adhesive with excellent gap filling properties that is suitable for bonding a wide range of construction and building materials to most surfaces in both internal and external environments.

STYCCO FLEX is suitable for fixing stair nosings without the need for mechanical fixing to suitably sound substrates. It is also suitable for bonding carpet gripper, PVC cladding, skirting boards, architrave and trims. It can also be used to secure header rows when installing wood flooring.

Styccobond F60 contact Adhesive 5litre tin
Styccobond F60 contact adhesive 5Litre
Our Price: £35.99 Inc VAT / 5litre tin

Styccobond F60 Contact Adhesive A solution of synthetic rubber and resin in flammable solvent. Primarily used to secure PVC and rubber coving and skirting. The adhesive is applied to both surfaces by spreader or brush and combines quick drying with a 30 minute open time. It is suitable for use over normal underfloor heating installations and will withstand normal wet cleaning techniques. The formation of an 'instant bond' makes it particularly suitable for securing floorcoverings and specific wallcoverings vertically on stairs and walls.

5 Litre tub as a coverage of 2m2
Styccobond F66 Water Based Contact Adhesive
Styccobond F66 Water Based Contact Adhesive
Our Price: £41.99 Inc VAT / 5L Tub

A solvent free, low odour adhesive ideal for fixing to vertical as well as horizontal surfaces. Easy to apply by brush or notched spreader, it has a long open time and can be reactivated by heat.

Available in a 5l tub.
Quantum EB3 Flat 100mm Skirting
Quantum EB3 Flat Skirting 100mm
Our Price: £64.80 Inc VAT / 32 Metre

Quantum EB3 100mm high flat skirting.  

This range of durable PVC products protect the bases of walls and doors in most internal applications.  The range is simple to install and is easily secured to the base of the wall by either a contact adhesive or a double sided tape.  Manufactured from flexible PVC they are available in a number of sizes and colours to suit all specification requirements as well as offering an easily maintained alternative to timber skirting.

Comes in lots of colours to suitable to use alongside major floorcoverings

Comes in a coil 32m long
Uzin KR421 5kg
Uzin KR421 5kg
Our Price: £78.00 Inc VAT /Per Tub

Flexible epoxy resin adhesive for heavy duty floor coverings in interior, exterior and wet locations
problem-solver in many applications
Uzin KR430 12kg
Uzin KR430 12kg
Our Price: £108.00 Inc VAT /Per Tub

Flexible polyurethane adhesive for heavy-duty floor coverings

  • very high dimensional stability even with special covering materials
  • highest bond-strength, therefore extremely reliable
  • for (almost) any loading, therefore universal applications
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