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Linoleum is an ideal choice for a wide range of uses wherever there's need for a solution that combines natural quality with resistance to heavy traffic, from education to healthcare. Modern linoleum can satisfy the most demanding requirements for appearance, function, cost and sustainability. We sell both Tarkett Linoleum and Forbo Linoleum brands.

Linoleum comes in a 2m wide sheet or roll, Vinyl Flooring Online sells cuts by the square metre.

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Forbo Marmoleum Click 300x300mm Forbo Marmoleum Click 300x300mm

Our Price: £27.59 Inc VAT /per box
Linoleum Tarkett Linoleum Veneto xf 2.5mm

Please be aware that there is a minimum order on this product of 5 sqm.

Tarkett Linoleum Veneto xf - with its marbled design, divided into Soft and Strong pattern levels, and 50 colour references, Veneto xf is a great choice for all commercial segments. Lineleum xf is exactly what linoleum needed - a tough surface to protect and enhance a natural, renewable and beautiful product. It is a true surface revolution, with surface protection that gives superior resistance to abrasion and chemicals as well as easy cleaning and maintenance. It is accompanied by Linoleum xf welding rods that need no special treatment, yet resist all kinds of soiling and abrasion. Advantages: * extremely tough surface * excellent resistance to abrasion, stains and chemicals * no initial wax or polish needed * Linoleum xf welding rods based on a unique formula - for perfect joints with extreme scratch resistance * easy cleaning and maintenance

Our Price: £31.19 Inc VAT / m2
Forbo Marmoleum Real 2.5mm Forbo Marmoleum Real 2.5mm

Marmoleum Real is the largest range in the Marmoleum collection. The 59 colours ensure a wide colour palette with endless posiibilities for designing your floor. The shades in Marmoleum Real are built up from 2 to 5 colours that are processed together to create a marbled structure, varying from classic and bold brights to warm neutrals.

Our Price: £31.20 Inc VAT /Per sqm
Tarkett Linoleum Etrusco xf Tarkett Linoleum Etrusco xf

Tarkett Linoleum Ethrusco xf have a range of Deep plain design 10 bright and strong colours. Easily combinable with any other type of pattern or used alone for great design effect Superior xf protection for extreme toughness
Easy cleaning and maintenance - no initial wax or polish need

Our Price: £35.15 Inc VAT /Per sqm